Erectile Dysfunction TAM Focused Linear Shock Wave Therapy in Hallandale Beach, Miami, FL

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Erectile Dysfunction TAM Focused Linear Shock Wave Therapy

Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding our Trademarked TAM Focused Linear Shockwave treatment reversing Erectile Dysfunction, and or a better sexual experience. We have acquired the latest evidence based device to treatment for ED and Prostate Health with a 90% success rate! If you have Erectile Dysfunction and are hearing about a treatment called Acoustic Wave, Sound Wave, or Pressure Wave Therapy, then WE ENCOURAGE to save yourself from wasted money, time, and effort. It ts important to understand that only FOCUSED and LINEAR SHOCKWAVE THERAPY has been clinically studied and proven to reverse Erectile Dysfunction. All of the data from research around the world, including clinical use for nearly a decade has proven the efficacy of treating vascular ED with shockwaves.. Our trademarked TAM FOCUSED SHOCKWAVE LINEAR Devices Shockwaves stimulate the body to grow new blood vessels into the penis, which provides new pathways for blood flow to achieve a full and rigid erection. It removes plaque in the aging penis, increases blood flow, It's painless,and DOES NOT REQUIRE a numbing agent (as the marketed "WAVE" devices do), and also treats the prostate. There are FALSE CLAIMS of Acoustic, Sound, and Pressure Wave Therapy claiming to be the same thing as the proven treatment of Focused Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction. Unfortunately, there are numerous providers claiming they provide focused or linear shockwave therapy, when in fact they are using an acoustic wave device and protocol that has not been proven to be clinically effective for the rehabilitation of ED. In fact, these providers even go to the extent of advertising the research done with focused and linear shockwaves, but use an entirely different machine. The bottom line is if you want to reverse your ED, its important to understand the research before you make a decision on a provider. Don't get caught doing acoustic, sound, or pressure wave therapy. In some cases, we determine that in addition to your personal customized treatment protocol that PRP can also be beneficial. We have a 'No Push" policy, which means we will only recommend what YOU need to get your optimal result. Not a cookie cutter template that is quoted for everyone. Consultations are FREE. 954.455.8400

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