About Us

Timeless Age Medical stands as a premier Integrated Health & Functional Medicine Clinic. Within the realm of patient care, we provide meticulously performed aesthetic treatments, bio-identical hormone replacement, clinical weight loss treatments, metabolic medicine and non-surgical erectile dysfunction protocols that address a diverse range of health conditions. We serve as a haven for wellness, delivering optimal overall well-being and a scientific pathway towards enhancing your natural beauty and functional health.

Committed to patient well-being, Timeless Age Medical is dedicated to illuminating and mitigating the impact of aging-related ailments. Our mission involves empowering patients with the knowledge and tools to confront and combat dis-ease and discomfort before it evolves into debilitating pain and illness.

Within Timeless Age Medical, you will find yourself in the care of skilled Board-Certified Nurse Practitioners, Certified Medical Assistants, dedicated Licensed Medical Aestheticians, Clinical Advisors & Weight Management Specialists. Our shared objective revolves around invigorating and elevating your essence, inside and out. At Timeless Age Medical, we firmly believe that achieving optimal health, successful outcomes, appearance expectations and well-being should be a revelation, not a trial. Our clinic's expert staff welcomes all inquiries and is here to answer your calls, and diligently provide follow-up consultations to ensure your desired outcomes are met.

Kristan Weinstein


Kristan Weinstein is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner- ANP-BC, FAARM, ABAAHP whose areas of specialized medicine are in the field of Integrative Medicine with an emphasis in Metabolic Biochemistry, Anti-Aging Regenerative Medicine, Procedural Aesthetic Implementation and Endocrinology. Kristan completed her undergraduate studies at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton Florida where she received her Bachelor’s of Science (BS) degree in Nursing. After several years of practical work in the field Kristan continued with her post graduate studies at Florida Atlantic University where she earned her Master’s Degree (MS) and was awarded her Board Certified Nurse Practitioner License.

Kristan’s medical career began at Memorial Regional Hospital, Hollywood, Fl in both the Cardiothoracic and Neuro Surgery departments. After many years of serving in surgical wards as well as managing both pre & post operative protocols along with rehabilitation, Kristan found that her passion for medicine and education had begun to change its course. After a very personal battle with cancer where she was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, Kristan began to seek a new area of expertise where she could focus more on preventative medicine that is targeted at dealing with the “dis-ease” that comes from pre-existing factors and ones personal lifestyle before it becomes a disease and ravages the body and mind.

Through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Kristan was awarded a Fellowship in Regenerative Medicine which warrants her the knowledge and authority to educate her patients on disease prevention and hormonal balance.

Kristan’s patience, attention to detail, her relentless pursuit of knowledge and genuine caring attitude, make it clearly evident that she strives for exceptional results in the way her patients both look and feel. As the Owner of Timeless Age Medical one message consistently resonates from Kristan’s personal beliefs, “Your health is your wealth, and it’s never too late to start investing yourself.”


Certified Medical Assistant (Bi-lingual)

Eva is our board certified, bi-lingual Medical Assistant working side by side with Kristan and our team of board certified medical professionals. She is patient focused with the objective of delivering superior patient care and ensuring positive patient experiences and outcomes. Eva prepares patients for examination and treatment by escorting them from the waiting area to the exam room. She takes the patient’s history (HIPPA Compliant), determines their chief concern, verifies their medical and surgical histories, current medications, etc., and take vital signs if applicable. She is responsible for documenting verbatim all information conveyed by the patient throughout the treatment. Prior to treatment , she reviews and completes required documents prior to appointment with recent test results and correspondence and determine needed services per practice protocol. Prior to patient visit, Eva confers with Kristan ANP-BC, FAARM regarding any incomplete patient tests/consults or other incomplete orders. She responds to patient communications. Contacts patients regarding test results and schedules further surgical treatment(s). She prepares, cleans, stocks and maintains exam and treatment rooms daily. Cleans and sterilizes all necessary instruments. Prior to treatment, she ensures that all proper consents have been reviewed, initialed, signed and dated by the patient. As a board certified phlebotomist she gives injections, draws blood for lab work, assists with examinations and office procedures as needed; and provides other patient care services as directed by the board certified medical team Upon Medical Providers orders, Eva ensures that the delivery/transmittal of prescriptions is being completed and responds to medication requests per practice protocol. She prepares and maintains clinical supplies and equipment. Verifies all patient/specimen information corresponds with tissue specimen(s). Records tissue specimen(s) and enters them into log. Assists with scheduling tests and treatments, and processing referrals to other providers. Responsible for abiding by the Standards of Conduct and meets all compliance training requirements. Creates, maintains, copies and files patient encounters, records and other information as needed. Maintains strict confidentiality. Treats staff, physicians, visitors and patients with dignity and respect. She loves what she does, and it shows!

Isa Welch

Clinical Advisor & Weight Management Specialist

Driven by an unwavering commitment for patient success and education, Isa excels in formulating, developing, and refining treatment plans suited to achieve her patients’ goals and health concerns. Hyper-focused at organizing patient schedules, she diligently oversees introductory consultations, follow-ups, and pending questions from those who are seeking results. Isa plays a pivotal role in maintaining seamless continuity of care during transitions between different treatments and procedures. Through cultivating strong patient relationships, she establishes genuine trust and rapport, thereby identifying and addressing everyone’s unique needs. Isa’s goal is to always make the patients feel at ease, informed and confident they are going to achieve their desired outcomes, her patients’ success stories are also hers.

Ketty Marseille 

Patient Services & Operations Manager

Meet Ketty Marseille, Our patient Service Administrator. Ketty, manages appointments, inquiries, and patient records, she prioritizes their well-being at every interaction. Her empathetic approach and strong communication skills contribute to a nurturing and comfortable atmosphere. Dedicated to upholding the highest standards at Timeless Age Medical. Diligently orchestrating patient services, optimizing scheduling, and maintaining a harmonious clinic environment, she is committed to upholding exceptional standards. Her unwavering dedication to patient well-being and satisfaction fuels her enthusiasm for contributing to the clinic's growth. Eager to ascend within the organization, she is driven by a vision to further enhance operational efficiency and elevate the overall wellness experience. Embracing challenges as opportunities for growth, Ketty aspire to play an instrumental role in shaping the clinic's success while fostering a culture of excellence and compassion. Ketty’s genuine rapport with patients and colleagues reflects her dedication to teamwork and a shared vision. Committed to continuous improvement, Ketty’s motivation for positive change, nurturing both the health of our patients and the prosperity of the clinic.

Jasmin Meany

Licensed Medical Asthetician, Certified Medical Assistant

Jasmin Meany is a passionate licensed medical skincare professional with a diverse background as a medical assistant and Microsoft office specialist. She possess a broad range of skills and certifications. She has a bachelor degree in health science and is currently continuing her education in the medical field.

As a licensed medical aesthetician, she brings her expertise to our Hallandale location, offering a wide range of transformative skin care treatments including hydrafacials, micro-needing, dermaplaning, chemicals peels. With her personalized approach, Jasmin takes time to understand each patients needs and educates them on the latest skincare techniques and products. Her warm and caring nature creates a welcoming environment where patients feel comfortable discussing concerns, and her commitment to staying updated in her field ensures they receive top-quality care and achieve radiant, flawless skin.

After almost of 11 years of being part of Timeless Age Team, she has gained array of knowledge and experience as well as motivation to work with integrity, compassion and commitment.

Dennis J. Szczech

Integrated Operations and Financial Manager

Meet Dennis, our behind-the-scenes multi-tasker. With a knack for numbers and an eye for accuracy, he's the guy we rely on to keep our financial matters in impeccable order. Dennis’ proficiency in budgeting, forecasting, and financial analysis ensures that our business decisions are grounded in solid data which allows us to continue investing in the latest treatments, products, marketing, and services to best serve our clientele. Dennis is a proud graduate of Barry University and has established a 30-year career in Finance, Real Estate, Marketing, and Business Development.