Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift with Sculptra Aesthetic

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Is your backside flat or sagging? I have a great news for you.  There is a new method that is proven to enhance the buttocks without going through a surgery. This innovative process is called Sculptra Butt Lift.  Female booty features do deteriorate over time due to age, childbirth and personal lifestyle. Unfortunately, nature still takes its toll on the booty in spite of taking consistent spin classes. Sculptra Butt Lift procedure at Laser Therapy Health and Wellness Center is a  non-invasive process that is proven to get your body back to shape within relatively fast turnaround period.


How do I know I need a butt lift?

  • Flat or sagging buttocks
  • Crave for a sculpt or increase volume of buttocks
  • Desire for a realistic body modification

Laser Therapy and Wellness Center does offer free consultation sessions to help determine the kind of procedure that best suites the patient; either but augmentation or lift procedure with Sculptra Aesthetic.

What is Scuptra

Sculptra is an FDA-cleared dermal filler used for treatment of facial volume loss. Made with poly-L-lactic acid, Sculptra replaces lost collagen and works well to reduce pockets and wrinkles on the face. This product has been widely used around the world since 1999 and the treatment has been performed on over 200,000 patients in more than 30 countries. With a series of treatments over several months, Sculptra is injected directly into the affected area. Gradually, it stimulates collagen and fills out the depleted tissue. Results of Sculptra can last as long as 2 years. Eventually, the product is harmlessly absorbed by your body. In addition to smoothing the face, Kristan Weinstein ANP-BC, has found that Sculptra can also work wonders on the butt. This is good news for many men and women. Without the expense and complication of a Brazilian Butt Lift, you can see comparable results.

How Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift with Sculptra Aesthetic Works

The procedure is blazing fast, it can be completed within an hour! The process involves applying an anesthetic cream in order to prevent discomfort and ice is applied to reduce swelling. An instant change in appearance instigated by the product is immediately noticeable. This change is indicative of what the final results would look like. In order to achieve the desired results, one to three repeated treatment session is required. Typical sessions are administered at least 4 weeks apart. As the therapy begins to take effect, a change in the posterior will gradually become apparent. The augmented buttocks become fuller and creates an enhancement to the natural feminine curves.

After The Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift With Sculptra Aesthetic

After the Sculptra Butt Lift procedure is completed, the patient will be given instructions on post-operative care. Patients should be careful to follow the required instructions meticulously and should not hesitate to ask any question after an appointment. Where required, any recommended treatment sequel will be scheduled prior to patient discharge. Initial side effects associated with the Sculptra procedure include minor bruising, bleeding, localized swelling or bumps. Kristan, one of the nation’s experts in the premier Sculptra Aesthetic procedure has researched into the intricate process of administering the injection such that it eliminated the likelihood of post-treatment bumps. Moreover, quick message therapy is applied to the treated areas to aid even distribution of the product. Should you have questions or concerns about the side effect of Sculptra , ask for details during your consultation.

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