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With a growing concern in obesity and many who are confused or tired attempting to figure out how to gain control of their outward appearance and fabricate the image of their dreams, we here at Kybella Miami proudly serve as the number one neck fat reduction entity with practices that are safe, satisfying, and present lasting results!

We are here to serve our family, friends, and neighbors in and around the greater Kybella Fort Lauderdale Area whom fit the profile of desiring to reduce what they believe to be excessive fat around the neck area and under the chin (something that we refer to as submental fat, or as others have trended, the infamous double chin).

KYBELLA Miami – Fort Lauderdale – Hallandale

  • We Are The Top Providers of KYBELLA CHIN FAT REDUCTION!
  • We are your One-Stop Solution to Neck Fat Reduction – Without Surgery!
  • The number one medicine doctors prescribe for cosmetic enhancement has hit your area; Welcome to Kybella Ft. Lauderdale


Here at Timeless Age Medical, we provide Kybella to Miami, Aventura, Fort Lauderdale residents, we specialize in only the most effective yet most bio-friendly ingredients to ensure maximum satisfaction – primarily, utilizing primarily what the body already produces: deoxycholic acid. This active molecule is fundamentally utilized by the body to facilitate the demolition and absorption of dietary fat cells. When injected into the fat around the chin area, KYBELLA causes the destruction of fat cells. Once destroyed, those cells cannot store or accumulate fat.

While retreatment is not usually required after aesthetic results are reached, a discussion and decision on the quantity of treatments that may be required may be something worth asking your doctor about. In this discussion, be certain to fully disclose your prescription drugs you already consume, along with any herbal supplements or over-the-counter drugs, including something as simple as vitamins. VERY IMPORTANT: Mention whether you are on anticoagulant or antiplatelet medications (which prevents blood clotting) in addition to the list of drugs and other consumables you currently take.


KYBELLA™ (deoxycholic acid) is, essentially, the first and only injection that was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for non-surgical treatment purposes including contours and improvement of the appearance of the double chin we know as submental fullness.

Meet with your doctor about Kybella Miami to customize and design your treatment plan; the focus should be on your chin profile and what it may take to help improve it to your likes and desires. Beauty can be subjective; we want you to feel comfortable in your own skin!

A number Kybella Chin Fat patients have experienced noticeable contouring in their chin area between two and four treatment sessions. These could be scheduled and spaced approximately every thirty days, with the potential for six treatments, if necessary.

The founding element to over 20 clinical studies, involving a global sample group of over 2,600 patients where more than 1,600 of the test subjects received Kybella Aventura treatment, KYBELLA™ has received worldwide attention through their state-of-the-art, clinical development program.

By the 3rd stage, Kybella Clinical Studies’ results are:

  • Based on the physician-approved patient data, the highest chin fat respondents were 68.2% for KYBELLA™ patients, while merely 20.5% delivered under placebo effects.
  • The overall patient satisfaction rate for facial and chin area appearance with Kybella Hallandale treatment was an astonishing 79%!
  • Following KYBELLA™ treatments, the following were reported by the satisfied patients: an increase in and acceptance with self-perception (including feelings of admiration when they look in the mirror), greater joy and self-confidence under the notion of looking and feeling younger based on the appearance of their chin area, and more positive things. Similarly, additional reports also revealed patients reporting significantly less embarrassing self-image circumstances, a lessening in self-consciousness, reduction in feeling overweight, and a greater reduction in feeling bothered by the double chin (submental fullness).
  • KYBELLA™ could influence or trigger a variety of serious side effects, including signs and symptoms of trouble swallowing and/or jaw area nerve injury which may promote a lack of facial muscle control or an uneven smile. that can cause an uneven smile or facial muscle weakness. More of the commonly reported side effects for Kybella can include: hardness in the treatment areas or bruising, numbness, redness, swelling, discomfort or genuine pain.
  • A controlled, prescription drug primarily serving adults with various amounts of submental fat (fat below the chin), KYBELLA is not known to be safe and effective for children under 18 years of age or if it can be effectively implemented outside of the submental area of the human body.
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  • Melissa Kern
    I absolutely love the staff and of course how fabulous they always make me look! If your thinking of going don’t hesitate. Make your appointment today! Did I tell you they also make you feel like family…😃
    Melissa Kern
    Melissa Kern
  • Beverly Gassin
    I have been going to laser therapy spa for 10 years. My experience is always amazing ! They are very nice and professional. They always make me look naturally enhanced not fake I recommend them to everyone I know
    Beverly Gassin
  • Mindy Cousineau
    I have been a patient at Timeless Age Medical for 8 years. Everything you need to maintain the “fountain of youth” is available here. From cosmetic injections, laser hair removal, weight loss, medical grade facials, non surgical fat reduction and so much more. They recently added IV vitamin drip therapy, which is a phenomenal way to ensure immunity, health and energy. The entire staff is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Kristan is the best injector in South Florida. Highly recommend 5 stars all the way!!
    Mindy Cousineau
  • Alissa Merlo
    I had incredible work done by Kristan and her staff last week. I am so happy with my results. I have been doing Botox and fillers for a while but I really loved how Kristan paid attention to detail and took her time to get it all right. I can’t wait for my follow up appointment. I had a wonderful experience.
    Alissa Merlo
  • Caroline Callahan
    Dr Kristan and her team were great. I went to get Botox for the first time. I needed it to treat my TMJ, but also decided to get a few injections on my forehead as well to celebrate my 40th birthday comin up 😆. Dr Kristan was quick, the injections were painless and I love the results! I will definitely be back. Dr Kristan and her whole team were super friendly and professional.
    Caroline Callahan
  • Yael Rosenberg
    I cannot recommend this place enough! My experience here has been phenomenal. I started off with laser hair removal which is a painless machine and then started cool body sculpting to help with my stretch marks. I must say I am so appreciative and happy with my results! Like magic they are truly fading away! Come see Isa! She’s amazing!!
    Yael Rosenberg

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