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Cellulite Education

All About Cellulite Education

Dimples on babies and cute faces are highly desirable, however, when it comes to other parts of your body such as your thighs, stomach or upper arms, dimples are more of a horrible nightmare.

Known as cellulite, these little dimples are caused by fatty deposits that create a dimple on people who are in shape, under shape and overweight. The truth is that age or body size is not the variant in what determines how many dimples or how much cellulite you carry.

Interestingly enough, cellulite is not a problem necessarily caused by fat but rather it is a problem caused by the skin structure. Weight has nothing to do with cellulite which makes it all the more frustrating.

The type of fat that results in cellulite is completely different from the type of fat cells that increase our bulk and make the difference between a size 0 and a size 10 pant size.

Cellulite, in all its glory, is fat that takes residence in the outer epidermal layer of the skin and cannot be burned as a fuel even if you are losing weight.   Exercising and Liposuction, unfortunately, cannot get rid of cellulite fat cells.

Women suffer from Cellulite Education far more than men and therefore it is suspected that genetics plays a key role in the production and distribution of cellulite throughout the body. There is evidence that hormones play a role in the anatomy of cellulite due to fibrous bands of tissue that surround the cells. In men, these bands run diagonally while in women they are vertical.

Vertical bands tend to lend to a more “tufting” effect and therefore the fat pushes up and creates dimples in the skin.


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