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January 21, 2015
Positive Effects of Laser Hair Removal
March 21, 2015
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Cheaper Products Treatments For Hair Removal

When you hear of looking good and maintaining your cool, you imagine of costly procedures. Laser hair removal is one of these costly procedures that give you that perfect skin. Laser hair removal is the process that keeps bikini line, underarms and legs flawless for months. The treatment involves use of laser to damage hair follicle and prevent future growth. The process also costs around $250 and which eventually adds up to much money. This is because you may be required to attend three to seven sessions for good results.

If you consider the laser hair removal expensive, you can try getting your own hair removal system such as the Braun Episilk,it will cost you $80. The disadvantage about this system is that they are more time consuming when compared to laser. Fancy creams like La Prairie cellular cream platinum rare, which specifically uses platinum to replenish moisture and skin ability to receive nutrients can be costly. Instead of going for the expensive cream you can invest on the less costly anti-aging moisturizers

Microdermabrasion is relatively a costly treatment, however the alternative of this process can be found in your kitchen. All you need is brown sugar; it can draw moisture from the air to your skin to help you hydrate. Taking a bath in Epsom salt will also help you get a good smooth skin. Epsom salt can be found at the drugstore for around $5. Remember to soak for about 40 minutes to achieve the best results.

Finally to have a faultless skin you don’t have to spend a fortune or strain your rather tight budget. Money shouldn’t prevent us from getting that red carpet worthy skin. The benefits that we can get from the cheaper alternatives are as good as those that people get from the high-head procedures.

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