More and more men are choosing Botox treatment

More and more men are choosing Botox treatment - Image
October 6, 2017

During recent years Botox treatment has become more popular and easily accessible. Its no longer only available in Hollywood, its on the high street and now its starting to catch on with men as well.

The days of seeing a mans age as a sign of being distinguished or becoming a thing of the past. More and more men are seeking help with hiding the physical signs of aging. There has been a 310 percent rise in male patients over the past decade, with almost 400,000 having the treatment done in 2013 alone.

Edward Pitard, a medical doctor and board certified dermatologist says he has noticed the rise in males seeking advice in his surgery. He said “The percentage of men patients in my practise receiving Botox Botox treatment has grown substantially over the last few years. Before we only saw young ladies coming in to have Botox but now it seems that the men have caught on and they seem very happy with it.”

The most common are that men ask to have injected it the forehead and between the eyes, to help maintain a youthful look and minimise harshness in the face. The injections last between three and a half and five months and need to be maintained regularly to stay looking good. If they are done properly they remove lines but the face retains natural movement. Choose Lasertherapyspa if you are looking to get treated!

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