Reasons To Consult a Weight Loss Coach

Reasons To Consult a Weight Loss Coach - Image
August 2, 2023

Have you been trying to lose weight for a couple months or even years and you just can’t seem to get the pounds off?

 Consulting With a Weight Loss Coach might be just what you need.

There are several reasons to hire one of our weight loss coaches.  Coaches can help you with your mindset, your nutrition, motivation and help monitor what is helping you make progress or not.

Here are some signs that you may need a weight loss coach:

  1. Mindset – Your heart is in the right place but your mindset is not.  No matter how hard you try, you find yourself always choosing the wrong foods, the wrong exercises or making the excuses as to why it’s ok to eat something you know that you probably should not.  A weight loss coach helps you keep control. Having someone to call and confide in when you want to push that exercise off until tomorrow or when you feel so guilty for eating a piece of candy can do wonders for your mindset. A weight loss coach will guide you and reward you as you make small and large accomplishments towards your weight loss goals.
  2. Emotional Eating –  No food diet seems to work for you.  You may suffer from binge eating, emotional eating and “just one more reward” type of thinking. Compulsive over eaters are often suffering from emotional culprits that need to be addressed as a whole body treatment when making the decision to leaver yo yo dieting and obesity  or overweight thinking behind.  A weight loss coach from our clinic is specialized in helping you address your food addictions and self sabotage.
  3. Time Management – Making the commitment to schedule specific time to work on your weight loss can be challenging to say the least. Having a weight loss coach that is present and holding you accountable for your time management and your time with them, will help you maintain focus on your goal and achieve greater results than if you were to try to lose weight on your own.

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