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Tattoo Removal

How Does Tattoo Removal Work?


Using a laser to remove tattoos may seem like an easy solution when you are considering a tattoo removal or even if you are considering as to whether or not to get a tattoo.

It isn’t unheard of to hear someone say that they will get a tattoo and not worry about the permanency of it because they can “just get tattoo removal” done later in life if they change their mind.

Although this type of thinking may be ok for some, it is important to understand exactly what you are relying on when you put your faith into the laser tattoo removal process.

The truth is that tattoo removal is not a simple causal solution because there is a lot that goes into the removal of ink from the skin.

Here’s the run down on tattoo removal:

The ink used in tattoos are generally made up of heavy metals such as lead, manganese, copper or mercury.

It is these metals that give the tattoo the permanency on your skin because they are not absorbed by the body. As a matter of a fact, some of these metals and inks have been known to cause adverse reactions such as intense itching, dry skin and permanent scarring.

As the Tattoo needle begins to deposit these inks into the body, the human immune system is triggered and a rush of white blood cells is released to the “injured” area in an attempt to isolate the violation. The white blood cells take the charge in a battle that will not be won with Tattoo ink. Usually, these lymphocytes are able to remove the invasive particles and escort them to the liver for processing. Tattoo ink, however, are too large for the white blood cells to move which makes the Tattoo a permanent event.

The attack of the white blood cells on the ink particles has been described/ compared to a human trying to eat a chunk out of an elephant. Needless to say again, Tattoos are serious and permanent decisions.

Laser removal of Tattoo is possible, however, it does not go without damage or concerns. In Tattoo laser removal therapy, lasers are used to break up the large ink particles to allow the white blood cells complete their mission of taking the particles to the liver.

High heat and wave speed is essential in breaking down Tattoo ink in the body. It is likely that after the tattoo is removed, there will be some scarring and some inks may still remain intact after several laser treatments.

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