The Real Effects of Sugar on Your Weight

The Real Effects of Sugar on Your Weight - Image
March 6, 2024

Sugar is one of the most frequently used recipe additions because it makes nearly everything taste better. From grapefruits to gumballs, adding sugar makes eating them a much sweeter experience. 


But, too much sugar is bad for the body, and many items are made with added sugars that can cause you to gain unintended weight. It’s important to pay attention to the added sugars listed on ingredient labels for processed foods, so you can determine if you’re taking in too much sugar. Here’s how too much sugar could affect your weight.


Sugar Provides Empty Calories


Sugar offers virtually no real nutritional value while boosting the amount of calories consumed. One of the best ways to undergo sustainable but rapid weight loss is to cut down on daily sugar intake. 


According to the American Heart Association, women should limit themselves to 25 grams and men to 36 grams of sugar per day. When exceeding those amounts, the empty calories cause people to eat even more because they lack the nutrients they would get from unsweetened foods.


High Blood Sugar Levels Promote Weight Gain


Eating and drinking foods that have a high sugar content will raise your body’s blood sugar level. When the elevated levels of sugar in the blood remain high for an extended period, you could develop hyperglycemia, which resists your body’s natural insulin and can cause the onset of diabetes. 


The excess sugar gets stored in your body cells and fat cells, which causes weight gain while reducing your body’s natural level of energy. High blood sugar also causes more fat cells to form, which may increase your weight.


Healthful Foods Are Less Effective


Consuming foods and drinks with high sugar levels makes it harder for your body to obtain the nutrients needed to maintain good health. Excess sugar displaces vital nutrients and promotes fat storage in your body. 


It also makes it harder for your body to take in beneficial nutrients from any healthy foods you eat, like fruits and vegetables. When you overindulge in sugar, rapid weight loss is possible but rarely permanent. Your body still requires a substantial amount of food to make up for the nutrients that excess sugar intake blocks.


Rather than turning to unproven methods, call Timeless Age Medical to learn more about healthy rapid weight loss. Our weight loss programs promote healthful changes that deliver better health and vitality, and easily fit into your lifestyle.


Posted 3/6/24

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